Main Principle - Stability in the Future!

Democratic leaders seem to regard trillion dollar deficits as the new norm, a space program as too costly and the laws they pass as inapplicable to themselves. I believe our entrenched Democratic leaders have become disconnected from us by their long terms of service, their dependence on lobbying groups for funds, and their misplaced belief that they cannot be defeated in elections.

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- Oct 07 2017 - Alex Kucsma runs for U.S. Senate 2018


Democratic Liberty Tea

Moderate Democrats have been alienated from the Democratic Party. Our leaders no longer speak for us. It's time for a change.

National Irrigation

Elect Democrats whose election did not depend on lobbyists’ money!

Lobbyists have far too much influence with our politicians, and our political leaders lack the will to change the status quo. The linking of lobbyists and politicians have damaged our party and poisoned our system of governance. We have to remove money from decision making and think more of the common good.

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Pro Life

As the Republican Tea Party fights its war against its entrenched politicians, we Democrats must do the same with our own party.

Moderate Democrats do not find it disloyal to talk to members of the opposite party to determine their views on issues. Cooperative government demands that both parties work together for the common good. Our current leaders have proven unable to do this. I will work for common solutions with all members of Congress. Our country is worth the effort.

Dear Friends

I am a Democratic Pro-Life candidate. I support my Pro-Life stand without apologies. Given the choice between life and death, I choose life. Roe vs. Wade is the law of the land. However, because a law exists does not mean I have to advocate for it. Do we force those who hate guns to advocate for the Second Amendment of the Constitution? On some issues, we must accept disagreement as a condition of Democracy. Rather than argue about matters of conscience, let us work together to solve the problems that can be solved by mutual cooperation.

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Principles of Agreement

Democratic Liberty Tea members agreed to five basic principles:

  • 1. Reduce Government spending to common sense levels that does not place excessive burdens on tax payers or small businesses.
  • 2. Restore military spending to levels that will keep our country the foremost military power in the world. This includes funding NASA to continue being the world leader in the exploration of space.
  • 3. Enact market based nationwide health insurance --- not Obama Care--- that will limit exclusion for pre-existing conditions but will not compel Americans to buy insurance that they do not want.
  • 4. Support legislation designed to combat illegal immigration. This includes support for increased funding for the Immigration Department to secure our borders and ensure that visitors entering our country abide by the terms and condition of their entry visas.
  • 5. Provide unprecedented freedom to Liberty Tea Party members to vote their conscience or constituency on issues of morals. Members will be free to support or not support issues such as Gay marriage or Abortion without objections from other party members. Discussion of such issues will be prohibited between members to separate politics from religion and politics from issues of conscience. War will not be considered as a matter of conscience because war represents national policies.
Paid for by Alexander J. Kucsma • Democratic Liberty Tea 2016 Primary Election 12th Congressional District.